Prayer List

Phillip Arrant (brother of Anita Kesler)
Richard Ayer (father of a friend of Glenn Lindler)
Crew Bailey (infant of friend of Brittany Danielsen)
James and Sandy Black
Joy Bodnar (sister of Anita Kesler)
Gloria Caulder
Curt Deming (Eleanor’s brother-in-law)
Julia Ann Derrick
Marty Dunn (Jeff Bradshaw’s step sister)
Katie Dunn (mother of Jeff Bradshaw)
Kelly Eadie (Friend of Arvid Carlson)
Patty Eleazer
Sawyer Frost (Vince and Anna’s grandson)
Lyndsay Furse (friend of Bonita)
Vicky Goodwin (friend of Eleanor Bradley)
Sally Grooms (Jeff Bradshaw’s aunt)
Bob Handley (Sam and Jan Samson’s friend)
Jeff Hein (friend of Jeff Bradshaw)
Wanda Hein (friend of Jeff Bradshaw)
Mark Henry
Sean Houle (Kernersville policeman and friend of Denise)
Blaine Johnson (husband of Glenn Lindler’s niece)
Lois Kenick (Ann Carlson’s sister)
Dylan Konarski
Connie Lindler (PJ’s classmate and Glenn’s relative)
Kathy Lindler
Zane Lindler (Glenn Lindler’s brother)
Tricia McKinnon (Julia Ann’s sister)
Ty Moore (Kaylie’s grandfather)
Risa Nolting (friend of Kathy and Glenn)
Gail Oliver (Gloria’s sister)
Wade Payne (friend of Jeff Bradshaw)
Judy Truax
Becky Rawson (PJ’s sister)
Delores Richardson (Norma’s sister)
Polly Sale (Jeff Bradshaw’s aunt)

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton
Bishop Ginny Aebischer and Staff
Pastor John Derrick

In Our Armed Forces
Joy and Danny Meyers (US Army)
Colt Protheroe (US Navy)